Maximilian Juliá
Diarios del Fango

  1. Asimilación
  2. Contrabando
  3. Los Paquetes
  4. La Finca
  5. El Estudio
  6. Marco Telúrico
  7. Ni de Aquí, Ni de Allá

Diarios Del Fango (2020) is a series of works spanning photography, earth paintings, sculptural objects, pigments, and the archiving of materials. I am documenting the work through a series of journal entries describing the physicality, process, and the stories embedded within the materials. 

© 2020

1. Telluric Frame

Marco Telúrico
24 in x 36 in
Inkjet print, Dirt Pigments, Fern Leaves, Acrylic Polymer, Root

I am attempting to archive a memory, to freeze the rapidly aging natural material.

I created the image from a portion of a cliff, a soil covered in fern plants that rose above. There are dried fern leaves, stems, and other wild plants growing around them.

Different types of Puerto Rican soil made into pigments, Fern leaves dipped in gel, pigment mixed with a binder, and a root dipped in gel.

The design of the frame resembles the hierarchy of colonial power structures holding in higher standards of processed goods. It goes back to my fundamental idea of the colonial frame as the package. This piece is a form of a studio archive of a diary within a diary.