Maximilian Juliá
Diarios del Fango

  1. Asimilación
  2. Contrabando
  3. Los Paquetes
  4. La Finca
  5. El Estudio
  6. Marco Telúrico
  7. Ni de Aquí, Ni de Allá

Diarios Del Fango (2020) is a series of works spanning photography, earth paintings, sculptural objects, pigments, and the archiving of materials. I am documenting the work through a series of journal entries describing the physicality, process, and the stories embedded within the materials. 

© 2020


Puerto Rican visual artist Maximilian Juliá (b. 1985) works primarily with photography and video. Addressing the shifting notions of formality, he combines a variety of supplementary mediums. Through installations and a keen eye for design, he explores materiality that is visual and sculptural. Ultimately finding a collaborative visual language that considers the properties of the found objects. Julia's creative process aims to reveal the complexities of self-discovery through links of affection with immediate surroundings and the natural environment.

Most recently, with support from Puerto Rico based design studio División de Diseño, Juliá collaborated with artist Ricardo Cabret to create an online archive called The site combines individual projects comprised of a visual conversation within an interdisciplinary approach. Through art practice and friendship, Cabret and Julia reveal a relationship that takes place in different forms and locations.